Year 4


  This afternoon, children from the Key Stage 2 choir were treated to a singing workshop with Sharon Durant – a renowned singing specialist both locally and internationally – in preparation for a 1940s inspired tea dance at Grace College. The concert will be held on Wednesday 13th November f


In science this half term, our topic is ‘Electricity’. The children have learnt that electricity is a type of energy we use to make everyday appliances work and have identified which appliances run on mains electricity and which are powered by batteries. They have also discovered the difference betw


Year 4 have been applying their number knowledge to calculations using column addition.  We used counters to demonstrate our calculations and where the exchanged (or carried) value came from.  The children wanted to show you their work and hard they’d focused. Article 29 – we all have the right to


To round off our term of hockey coaching in P.E.,  4A and 4B had a play off between classes with a tournament of 5 minute games with total won games and goal count going towards crowning the overall winning class. This time we awarded 4B with the champions title…let us see what happens in the nex


In DT this week, year 4 thoroughly enjoyed making 3D models of Viking homes. The brief was to design and build a model that showed some of their key features. From their research, the children identified that Viking homes were constructed from either mud or wood, were single story, had thatched or t