The children in Reception had great fun on the body boards. They were developing their gross motor skills and upper body strength. The children had to pull each other along with the hoola hoop while the other person lay flat on the body board. It was hard work but lots of fun. Article 28 – We all ha


Each week, four children from Reception will be selected by their teachers to have juice and biscuits with Mr Malik as a reward for their behaviour and hard work.  The adults in Reception will be looking for children who are playing nicely with each other, looking after their classroom and trying t


In Reception this week, we have been enjoying lots of Halloween themed activities. We have been hammering golf tees into pumpkins, making skeleton pictures, exploring creepy potions in the water area and creating our very own play dough pumpkins. We have also enjoyed moving like spooky creatures and


The children really enjoyed exploring our school environment for a number hunt this week. The children used their knowledge of numbers to help them spot different numbers. We also used different ways to represent the numbers such as showing our fingers, counting out claps and jumps.   Article


Since starting Reception, the children have thoroughly enjoyed going into the hall and having their lunch. They have been sampling lots of lovely dishes from our school menu and enjoying packed lunches brought from home. After washing their hands, they have been practising how to line up smartly in


This week in Reception, the children have been exploring the junk modelling area. The children thought really hard about what they wanted to build and chose their materials carefully. They explored different ways to cut, stick and decorate as they brought their designs to life.  We had some brillia